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Pisces Fish Machinery is one of the leading manufactures in Tilapia processing equipment.  Pisces has been manufacturing Tilapia processing equipment since 1987. Pisces provides a complete line to produce fillets and gutted fish.  The Pisces line take whole live fish and produces a finished graded product.  The Pisces production line has been developed over the year by continuous input from our customer.  The Pisces production line uses numerous specialty designed pieces of equipment.  Pisces production lines and equipment is in production through out the world. 


Specialty Tilapia Equipment


Pisces has designed a number of pieces of equipment for Tilapia processing. A complete live fish reception area is available.  This part of the line includes weighing equipment, chilling tanks and the necessary tanks and table to properly bleed the fish.  In locations with inexpensive labor a filleting and trim tables have been designed to provide maximum efficiency.   Fillet chillers and washers have been designed to ensure the fish is keep at the optimal temperature to ensure the freshest product. Pisces has also designed a packing system with electronic grading to ensure the fish is packed to market specifications.


Scale Removal


DS Series Drum Scales


A stand alone rotary drum scaling machine.  The drum scales remove the fish by tumbling the fish in a metal drum for a fixed amount of time.  This batch process  is very gentle on the fish.  For larger production Pisces has designed an automated delivery and loading system for multiple drum scalers. These systems are currently in productions producing over a 100 tons of scaled fish a day.


Single Fillets


FR 75


The Fr-75 can be used effectively on Tilapia up to 650g.  In order for this machine to work.  The fish must be run through the HV-25 and the DC-18. Once the fish has been prepared  the FR-75 can then produce split fillets. The  yield from the FR-75 drops off after 650g. 


Head Cutting Machines


HV 25


A stand alone head cutting unit for fish in the size range 500 grams to 3 Kgs. Each fish is individually located to ensure optimum position irrespective of size. A vee cut configuration ensures capture of the meat at the top of the head above the gill plate.  The Tilapia version of the HV-25 is fitted with a vacuum to remove all of the loose viscera from the fish.  This ensure the cleanliness of the whole production line.


Evisceration/Gutting Machines




This stand alone eviscerating machine removes all off the viscera and blood line from a head off fish.  The machine can also be used on a head on fish if the belly has been opened.  This machine does not offer any roe saving.




This stand alone machine opens the belly of the fish in preparation for manual roe extraction or manual evisceration. The machines usually combined with a manual vacuum table to produce a head-on gutted fish.




Pisces offers the Varlet line of automatic skinning machines. The 1558 for high volume production and the 568 for smaller volume.