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Lake Perch


Pisces Fish Machinery is the world leader in processing Lake Perch. Our location on the shores of Lake Michigan has give us over 25 year experience in processing Lake Perch.  Pisces offers complete line design or individual machine for processing Lake Perch. Pisces Perch machines are used to process Perch in Canada, the United State, Swaziland, Germany, Ukraine, Russia and the Baltic States.  


Scale Removal




A stand alone in-line scaling machine.  This machine removes the scales using rotating metal scaling heads. It is best suited to processing fish for fillets. The scaling process is continues.


Single Fillets


FR 150


A stand alone filleting machine for head off fish in the size range 85 grams to 450 grams. The FR 150 incorporates an evisceration system and operates at speeds up to 50 fish per minute. Often used in conjunction with the HS-10 head cutting machine.


AHF 110


An automatic, single operator system to produce single fillets from whole fish in the size range 85 grams to 450 grams. Comprising the HS-10 head cutting machine with an auto transfer unit feeding  into the FR 150 filleting machine. Operates speeds up to 70 fish per minute.


Head Cutting machines


HS 10


A stand alone head cutting unit for fish in the size range 85 grams to 450 grams. Each fish is individually located to ensure optimum position irrespective of size. A single circular blade angled to produce the optimal yield is used to remove the head. Often used to prepare fish for the FR 150 filleting. Can be supplied with vacuum evisceration for enhanced Hygienic operation and is an integral component of the AHF 110 single operator system.




Pisces offers the Varlet line of automatic skinning machines. The 1558 for high volume production and the 568 for smaller volume.