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Electronic Weight Grading Machines

Pisces Fish Machinery Inc. introduces the MGS series multi function grading system. The MGS series offers the capability of vision inspection, traditional weight grading or a combination of both technologies.

Utilizing Pisces proprietary neural network recognition system, widely used to identify species, orientation, and fish quality, at rates up to 300 fish per minute onboard fishing vessels. The MGS-V-500 series grades by visual inspection, trainable to a specific criteria, which is established by the user and allows changes in target items or refinement of existing inspection criteria, without the need to modify the programs or change algorithms.

Grading by weight is available on the MGS-W-500 series for straight weight grading or the MGS-W-600 series for weight grading and batching. The in motion weigh table uses dampened stainless steel load cells to ensure accuracy and a touch screen interface for ease of setting and adjustment.

A dual technology system grading by a combination of weight and trainable vision inspection for species and/or quality, is available with the MGS-D-500 series for straight grading, or the MGS-D-600 series for grading and batching. This dual combination allows for fish to be simultaneously graded by weight and species or for fillets to be graded by weight, inspected for quality, and packed to a target weight.