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Pisces Fish Machinery has developed its line specifically for the rigorous requirement of processing a larger fish like Hake. The machines are built to with stand the long and intense Hake fisheries season.  Pisces' Hake processing equipment has proven itself a reliability and efficiency option in multiple plants.


HG Series Roller Graders


The grader sorts the fish into four separate grades by passing the fish over rollers that gradually open larger.  A fifth oversize grade is at the end of the grader. 



Nobbing Machine




The PN-700 produces a head and tail off belly closed product.  The PN-700 uses a vacuum to remove the viscera.  The machine operates between 100 and 180 fish per minute with two to three operators. The machine can process fish up to 700 mm long. The PN-700 measures each fish individually and adjusts the position of the fish before the head cut.