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Pisces Fish Machinery has been producing Sardine processing equipment for North America and Morocco.  Pisces is able to offer a complete line design or single machine depending on each clients needs.  The machinery offered by Pisces are flexible enough to be configured to your individual plant needs or to your customers specifications.


HG Series Roller Graders


The grader sorts the fish into four separate grades by passing the fish over rollers that gradually open larger.  A fifth oversize grade is at the end of the grader. 


FSC-4000 Flow through Scaler


The FSC is designed to continually scale fish as the enter the processing line. The fish are scaled in a rotary drum as they travel though it.


SF-14 Dressing Machine


The SF-14 produces a head-off belly open fish. The machine combines a heading and eviscerating unit.  The eviscerating unit opens the fishes belly and uses a combination of wheels and brushes to remove all of the viscera and clean the bloodline/kidney.  The machine has between two and four operator depending on the operating speeds.  The machine operates between 120 and 280 fish per minute.


PN-400 Nobbing Machine


The PN-400 produces a head and tail off belly closed product.  The PN-400 uses vacuum to remove the viscera.  The machine operates between 180 and 300 fish per minute with two to five operators. A cut to length option is available to ensure the fish is the right size for canning.


FB-181-S  Manual Butterfly Filleting Machine


The FB-181 use one operator to produce butterfly fillets at 60 fish per minute.  A single fillet device is available for the unit.


NFB-181S Sardine Butterfly Filleting System


The NFB-181 is a combination of the PN-400 and the FB-181 linked together to produce a high speed filleting system. The combination of machine is able to fillet fish at speeds up to 300 fish per minute. When manually feed 3-4 operators are needed. The machine can be equipped with a vacuum nozzle to produce nodded fish and a single fillet device for single fillets.