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Pelagic Fish

With extensive experience serving the needs of processors worldwide, Pisces provides the pelagic fish processing industry with the latest technology in equipment and integrated solutions.

Whatever the scale or nature of your operation, on-board or ashore, we have the solution to suit your every requirement for increased efficiency, higher yields and better quality.

  • Optimize throughput
  • Improve quality & yield
  • Achieve full traceability
  • Raise efficiency & maximize uptime

The Pisces team has the technological expertise and the practical know-how to help you achieve your production goals.

Our progressive technology and robust equipment can deliver accelerated returns on investment by enhancing productivity and streamlining the production process, while our unique software gives you full production control.

  • Anchovy
    • Pisces Fish Machinery has taken its extensive experience in processing small fish and applied it to Anchovy processing. Pisces has adapted its line of small fish processing equipment to handle the delicate nature of Anchovies.

      Roller Graders  •  Dressing  •  Nobbing  •  Filleting Systems

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  • Herring
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      Rollar Graders •  Scaling  •  Splitting  •  Nobbing  •  Single Fillets  •  Butterfly Fillets  •  Evisceration

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  • Mackeral
    • Pisces Fish Machinery has been working with both on board and shore-based processors since 1998. Our technicians and design staff have work with the industry to produce our line of machine. They have incorporated the feed back from the end used into Pisces pelagic line.

      Roller Grading  •  Dressing  •  Nobbing  •  Butterfly Fillets  •  Single Fillets  •  Head Cutting  •  Filleting Systems

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  • Sardine
    • Pisces Fish Machinery has been produced Sardine processing equipment for North America, Spain and Morocco. Pisces can offer a complete line design or single machine depending on each client’s needs.

      Roller Grading  •  Scaling  •  Dressing  •  Nobbing  •  Butterfly Fillets

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