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Pin Bone Removal Equipment

Pisces Fish Machinery Inc. offers the full line of pin-bone removers from Uni-Food Technic of Denmark. The Uni-Food line of Pin-bone removers has been successfully used on Lake White Fish, Atlantic Salmon, Wild Salmon, Arctic Char and Trout. The Uni-food pin-bone remover line feature for salmon features the new neck bone removal system.

Model 400

This machine is smaller than the others, it has a more simple construction and it is very suitable for smaller processing plants. After pin boning the fillets pass a table for inspection. The machine is constructed so that it can work in a one-way flow with automatic infeed after the Trimming line. It removes 90-95% of the pin bones from fillets from Pisces Fish Machinery filleting machine as well as from hand made fillets.

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Model 350 NK

Fully automatic double lane, Pin Bone Remover


Model 350NK-Double For removal of pin bones from salmon fillets.
Knife and roller width: 230 mm
Capacity: 25-40 fillets/min. split up in 2 lanes, depending on how fresh the fillets are.

The standard machine is supplied with water cleaning. It is possible to mount both water and air connection: Water for fresh fillets and air for e.g. smoked fillets. The machine is extremely efficient, gentle to the fillets, minimizes production costs by reduction in the use of workers. After pin boning there remains only between 0-2 pin bones in the fillet. The pin bone machine will not damage and gape the fillets after pin boning. The 4 pin bone heads will be designed in such a way that they can be adjusted in angle or horizontally.

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