World Renowned Fish Processing Equipment


Pisces Fish Machinery has been manufacturing smelt processing equipment since our inception in 1983. The first machine produced by Pisces was the SF-12 which produces a dressed fish. The head -off belly open dressed fish is the traditional way to prepare smelt around the Great lakes of North America. Pisces then branched out into the rest of the world and developed other machine to process small fish species.


HG Series Roller Graders

Sorts fish into four separate grades by passing the fish between parallel rollers that gradually open the gap between them as the fish pass down the length of the roller. A fifth oversize grade at the end of the grader. The graders are usual supplied with an infeed hopper, inspection conveyor, vibrating in-feed tray and conveyors to remove the fish from under the machine.



The SF-12 produces a head-off belly open fish. The machine combines a heading and gutting unit. The gutting unit opens the fishes belly and uses a combination of wheels and brushes to remove all the viscera and clean the bloodline/kidney. The machine has between two and four operators depending on the operating speeds. The machine operates between 120 and 280 fish per minute.



The PN-200 produces a head and tail off belly closed gutted product. The PN-200 uses vacuum to remove the viscera. The machine operates between 180 and 300 fish per minute with two to five operators.



The SPS-180 produces both split and butterfly fillets. The machine operates at speeds of between 180 and 240 pieces per minute with two to four operators. In addition to filleting, the SPS-180 can produce dressed fish and if equipped with an optional vacuum nozzle and vacuum system it can also produce nobbed fish.