World Renowned Fish Processing Equipment

Roller Graders

Pisces roller graders are design to separate large volumes of fish or shrimp by the width of the product. The product travels down a set of rotating rollers that gradually increase in width between them. The size of the gap and the starting width are determined by the user. The graders are normally accompanied by an infeed hopper, a stand and grade take away conveyors.

HG Series Roller Graders

Pisces Fish Machinery has been produced roller graders in use though out the world. Pisces usually suppliers the machines with stands, catwalk, infeed hopper and out feed conveyors. The machines range in size from 7 to 13 rollers. The roller graders are equipped with a shaking infeed tray to ensure consistent flow of fish to the grader.

The fish are sorted into four separate grades by passing the fish between parallel rollers that gradually open the gap between them as the fish pass down the length of the roller. A fifth oversize grade at the end of the grader.

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PG Series Shrimp Roller Graders

The PG uses four roller with flats on the top set to separate the shrimp. The top set vibrates the shrimp to stop them from stacking up on top of one another. This stops small shrimp from riding a larger shrimp down to the wrong grade. Both the rollers and the grade chutes are adjustable in order to allow for each customer to customize the grades for their needs. The standard size of the graders is from 1 to 6 channels.

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