World Renowned Fish Processing Equipment


Pisces Fish Machinery is the world leader in processing fresh water walleye (pickeral, pike perch, zander). Our location on the shores of lake Michigan has give us over 25 years experience in processing fresh water fish. Pisces offers complete line design or individual machine for processing walleye.

The range of machinery will accommodate all sizes of processing operations. The FR-75 is designed for small volume process, while the AHF-225 offers the option of a total automated processing solution for larger processors



A stand alone in-line scaling machine. This machine removes the scales using rotating metal scaling heads. It is best suited to processing fish for fillets. The scaling process is continues.

DS Series Drum Scales

The DS series drum scalers by gently tumbling the fish in a rotary drum. All of the machines time the process to ensure that the fish remain undamaged. The machine range in automation from the stand-alone DS-150 or DS-300 to the PLC controlled DS-400 and DS-500. The DS-400 and DS-500 can be incorporated in to automatic feeding systems which greatly increase their through put.


FR 75

A stand-alone filleting machine for head off fish gutted with the belly open. Suitable for fish in the size range 500 grams to 2 Kgs at speeds up to 40 fish per minute.

FR 200

A stand-alone filleting machine for head off fish in the size range 500 grams to 2 Kgs. The FR 200 incorporates a gutting system and operates at speeds up to 40 fish per minute. Often used in conjunction with the HV 25 Head cutting machine.


HV 25

A stand-alone head cutting unit for fish in the size range 500 grams to 3 Kgs. Each fish is individually located to ensure optimum position irrespective of size. A vee cut configuration ensures capture of the meat at the top of the head above the gill plate. Often used to prepare fish for the FR 200 filleting. Can be supplied with vacuum evisceration for enhanced Hygienic operation.


AHF 225

An automatic, single operator system to produce single fillets from whole fish in the size range 500 grams to 1 Kgs. Comprising the HV 25 head cutting machine with an auto transfer unit feeding into the FR 200 filleting machine. Operates speeds up to 50 fish per minute.



This stand alone gutting machine removes all off the viscera and blood line from a head off fish. The machine can also be used on a head on fish if the belly has been opened. This machine does not offer any roe saving.


This stand-alone machine opens the belly of the fish in preparation for manual roe extraction or manual gutting.


Pisces produces in-motion weigh units to weight either whole fish or fillets. A reception grader at the front of the plant can provide production and reception data while increasing the production yield by ensuring the fish go to the correct processing line. The graders can also sort and pack both fillets and whole fish.


Pisces offers the Unifood Range of machines for pin bone removal. The UFT-400 line offers standard pinbone removers and NK model machines which remove the bones at the start of the fillet. Depending on production volume the machines a can be configures as single, double or four lane models.