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Skinning Removal Equipment

Pisces Fish Machinery Inc. offers the full line of skinning machine from Varlet of France. The Varlet skinners feature an adjustable external dial to adjust the skinning depth. For ease of cleaning the machine can be disassembled without tools. The Varlet 3568 deep skins the Salmon and allows for the skin to be separated from the meat layer. This allow for both the skin and meat to be used in further processes.

V1588S & V1688 Skinner for Whitefish

Cutting width: 320mm  (V1588S) or 595mm (V1688) For white fish fillets, flat fish fillets…

Thin and/or deep skinning.

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V1258 Single Lane Deep Skinner

Cutting width: 320mm Thickness adjustment by notches. Comes with or without outfeed belt.

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V1558S & V1658 Double Lane Deep Skinner

Cutting width : 320mm (V1558S) Single track, 595mm (V1658) Double track

Thin and deep skinning. Large production capacity. Thickness adjustment in continuous.

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V1530 SA Double Lane Skinner for Smoked Fish

Cutting width: 488mm Used for smoked fish fillets.Thin and deep skinning.

V1458 Skate Wings Skinner Taken Varlet

Cutting width: 488mm Perfect for skate wings and flat fishes.

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V3568 & V3668 Deep Skinner with Skin and Meat Separation