World Renowned Fish Processing Equipment

Fresh Water Fish

With extensive experience serving the needs of processors worldwide, Pisces provides the fresh water fish processing industry with the latest technology in equipment and integrated solutions.

Whatever the scale or nature of your operation, on-board or ashore, we have the solution to suit your every requirement for increased efficiency, higher yields and better quality.

  • Optimize throughput
  • Improve quality & yield
  • Achieve full traceability
  • Raise efficiency & maximize uptime

The Pisces team has the technological expertise and the practical know-how to help you achieve your production goals.

Our progressive technology and robust equipment can deliver accelerated returns on investment by enhancing productivity and streamlining the production process, while our unique software gives you full production control.

  • Lake Perch
    • Pisces Fish Machinery is the world leader in processing Lake Perch. Our location on the shores of lake Michigan has give us over 25 year experience in processing Lake Perch. Pisces offers complete line design or individual machine for processing Lake Perch.

      Scale Removal •  Single Fillets  •  Head Cutting  •  Filleting Systems  •  Skinning

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  • Smelt
    • Pisces Fish Machinery has been manufacturing smelt processing equipment since our inception in 1983. The first machine produced by Pisces was the SF-12 which produces a dressed fish. The head -off belly open dressed fish is the traditional way to prepare smelt around the Great lakes of North America. Pisces then branched out into the rest of the world and developed other machine to process small fish species.

      Rollar Grading  •  Dressing  •  Nobbing •  Filleting Systems

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  • Whitefish
    • Michigan is surrounded by the largest freshwater system in the world, commonly known as the Great Lakes. With 6 quadrillion gallons of water, this amazing ecosystem is home to many species of fantastic fish, including the delicious and versatile Great Lakes whitefish.

      Michigan fishermen are out every day, early in the morning, on the pristine waters to bring back the freshest, best-tasting wild-caught whitefish for your plate. By choosing Michigan whitefish you are assured the most flavorful fish: packed with Omega-3 fatty acids that make it a powerhouse of nutrition.

      Scale Removal  •  Head Cutting  •  Single Fillets  •  Pinboning  •  Evisceration/Gutting

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